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Find our coverage of Russia's violation of Ukraine's territorial integrity and sovereignty and the ongoing invasion here.
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Meike Krakau

Meike Krakau is a PhD candidate and a Research Assistant at the Chair of Public International Law and Public Law at the Ludwig-Maximilians University (Munich). Her research interests include international environmental law with a special focus on climate change litigation, human rights law and international adjudication.

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» Thank you for this really insightful interview! I would love to hear how Ms. Orford (whose work has been tremendously helpful for my thesis) sees the implications of the political/ambivalent...«
Edward Martin
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» Given the urgency in to reduce carbon emissions, the reform process may seem to slow. However, given the large number of states involved it is not necessarily slower than other...«
Johannes Tropper & Kilian Wagner
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» The EU and its Member States have been trying to reform the ECT since five years. Why should we expect that Japan and other ECT parties change their minds now?...«
Markus Krajewski
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