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Isabel Lischewski

Isabel is currently a trainee with the Regional Court in Aachen and a Post Doctoral Research Assistant with Prof. Dr. Nora Markard at WWU Münster. She focuses on global governance, feminist and queer legal theory, empirical methods, and access to justice.

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» Regarding the 'Neo-feudalism' fear that people have against anarcho-capitalists, slavery violates the nonaggression principle, so obviously if an 'evil corporation' breaches the common ethical contract, action would be taken against...«
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» Sorry, but I still don't understand why land on Mars or any planet can't be its own 'country' following whatever laws its owners want, as long as they don't unjustly...«
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» Dear Nelma, of course you can use this concept. Please cite my article when you do so. Wishing you all the best for your doctoral thesis!«
Nula Frei
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