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Polina Kulish

Polina Kulish is a PhD candidate and a research associate at the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena. She holds a Konrad Adenauer Scholarship, and has been active in multiple moot court communities as a participant, trainer and judge. Her fields of research encompass the law of international organisations, including the UN, EU, and EFTA, law of international security and media law. In her current research project, she is exploring the nature of member states’ compliance in international organisations.

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» Dear Edward, thank your for your comment and your thoughts. That is indeed an interesting question. It is true that there were documents governing the relation between colony and colonizer...«
Mara Ebbers
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» Thank you, for your post. I however feel obligated to comment on the rather limited reflection on present law's view on past "international law". While agree that present international law...«
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» Talking about "Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity" doesn't mean to talk about Sex caracteristics resp. about innate variations of sex caracteristics (=intersex) - see alos Yogyacarta principles10+ Therefore, please don't...«
A. (she/her)
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