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Nurbanu Hayır

Nurbanu Hayır recently got her LL.M. degree from Yale Law School and holds a first law degree from Galatasaray University. She is visiting the University of Copenhagen’s iCourts as a Yale University Fox Fellow. She has a broad interest in examining how international law regulates the treatment of foreigners and how nation-state boundaries influence the principles and dynamics of international law. Her previous academic works have explored diverse issues, such as understanding the enforcement histories of international courts through the application of compliance theories, how social psychology phenomena shed light on the varying actions taken by states in similar issues arising from refugee law, the intersection of sanctions and EU migration law, and a critical analysis of the deployment of emergency doctrines in migration contexts.

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» Thank you for the interesting interview! Especially positive is Germany's Strong Public Support for Israel Has Made the Country indeed the Main Target – but just for the authoritarian state...«
M. B.
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» The official placeholder is not “digital sequence information”, as introduced in the article, but “digital sequence information on genetic resources” (https://www.cbd.int/dsi-gr). The truncated acronym DSI disguises the prima facie awkwardness...«
Joseph Henry Vogel
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» The US and European nations such as Ukraine, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania opposed Nord Stream 2 on the grounds that it increased dependence on Russian energy and posed a...«
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