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Anna-Julia Saiger

Anna-Julia is a PhD candidate at Humboldt University (Berlin). She
graduated from King’s College, London, Humboldt University, Berlin, and La Sapienza, Rome, and is currently working at the Institute for Media and Information Law at Albert-Ludwigs University Freiburg (GER).

In her research she focusses on international climate change law,
sustainability governance and comparative international law; her PhD project examines the role of domestic courts in international climate
change law.

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» Agreed! So much from pre-1950 turned out to be that kind of prophetic! The more history we uncover, the more we understand the present.«
Cris van Eijk
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» Thank you for your interest! We will host a symposium on the crime of 'ecocide' once the Expert Panel releases the newly drafted definition at the end of June! I...«
Philipp Eschenhagen
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» This is a very interesting think piece. I would love to hear more on this vis-à-vis nature rights.«
Dr Elizabeth Lwanda-Rutsate
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