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Alicia Köppen
Alicia is a PhD Candidate at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and a Law Clerk at Kammergericht Berlin. Her fields of interest include Public International Law and International Investment Law. She is the co-editor of the recently published edited volume “Cynical International Law?” (Springer, 2020).
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» Thank you very much for the comment. Regarding German constitutional law this would be not in line with the case law of the German Federal Constitutional Court. For example, the...«
Remo Klinger
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» If alleged harm experienced by a plaintiff is indistinguishable from harm generally experienced by all others, then US courts would likewise dismiss cases like this on the grounds of lack...«
Arnie Friede
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» I note you cite legal technicalities in order to reach your conclusion which you seem unwilling to be moved from. I quote the Nuremberg code; “ The protagonists of the...«
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