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Christian Pogies

Christian is a researcher at the Max Planck Institute for European Legal History and a member of the research project “Methods of the history of global law”. His fields of research include the history and normative foundations of the modern law of the sea, processes of norm-genesis in international law and comparative international law.

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» Thanks a lot for your comment Hossein! Since we seem to agree on my legal analysis, I'll just focus on your valid criticism of my conclusion/recommendation. It's pretty obvious that...«
Jan-Phillip Graf
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» The author has very well analyzed the meaning of "JCOPA participant" in Iran's nuclear deal. However, after concluding that the US has no right to trigger the snapback mechanism, in...«
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» Dear Rayna, I already sent you a reply via my mobile. In case it has not reached you, here are the details of the paper again: Rechtsstaatsprinzip der Union und...«
Dr. Hanspeter Daragan
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