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Völkerrechtsblog is a scientific blog on all matters of international public law and international legal thought. We welcome contributions from all around the globe on these topics.

Völkerrechtsblog was established in 2014 with the idea to use the possibilities and spaces of the internet to foster scholarly discussion and exchange about international law. In our view, these discussions should not stop at national borders: We strongly believe that the academic discourse has to include voices from all world regions. One of the core aims of Völkerrechtsblog is therefore to contribute to opening up and diversifying the discourse in international legal scholarship. We consider Open Access to be an important step in this direction, and hence all content on Völkerrechtsblog is Open Access (see also our Open Access Statement).

Völkerrechtsblog was originally founded within the framework of the Working Group of Young International Law Scholars (Arbeitskreis junger Völkerrechtswissenschaftler*innen, AjV). It has since developed its own structure, as has the AjV. Until today, Völkerrechtsblog and the AjV cooperate regularly, especially in the context of conferences organized under the AjV’s umbrella.

The AjV is an informal network of doctoral students, postdocs and scholars preparing for tenure in the field of law, political science and international relations, who share an interest in questions of international law. The AjV links German-language legal scholarship in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and beyond. The AjV has a facebook-page as well as a closed facebook-group for its network’s members.

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