Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board offers scientific advise to the Editorial Team and is in charge of the peer review procedure. It is composed mainly of post-doctoral scholars. The members of the Advisory Board are:


Jelena von Achenbach (Justus Liebig University of Gießen)

Helmut Aust (Free University of Berlin)

Björnstjern Baade (Free University of Berlin)

Jelena Bäumler (Leuphana University of Lüneburg)

Hannah Birkenkötter (Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México)

Nicolas Bueno (FernUni Switzerland)

Dana Burchardt (Free University of Berlin)

Pola Cebulak (University of Amsterdam)

Anuscheh Farahat (Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen-Nürnberg)

Robert Frau (Viadrina European University of Frankfurt/Oder)

Matthias Goldmann (EBS University and Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law)

Michaela Hailbronner (Justus Liebig University of Gießen)

Rhea Tamara Hoffmann (Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen-Nürnberg)

Birgit Hollaus (Vienna University of Economics and Business)

Till Patrik Holterhus (Leuphana University of Lüneburg)

Johan Horst (Max Planck Institute for Legal History and Legal Theory)

Valentin Jeutner (Lund University)

Alexandra Kemmerer (Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law)

Matthias Kettemann (University of Innsbruck and Leibniz Institute for Media Research │ Hans Bredow Institute)

Thomas Kleinlein (Friedrich Schiller University of Jena)

Nandor Knust (The Arctic University of Norway)

Anne Kühler (University of Zurich)

Lys Kulamadayil (University of Amsterdam)

Andreas Kulick (University of Münster)

Raffaela Kunz (Collegium Helveticum Zurich)

Patryk Labuda (University of Amsterdam)

Isabelle Ley (Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law)

Nora Markard (University of Münster)

Júlia Miklasova (University of Cologne)

Efthymios Akis Papastavridis (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)

Mehrdad Payandeh (Bucerius Law School Hamburg)

Birgit Peters (University of Trier)

Ilias Plakokefalos (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)

Gustavo Prieto (Ghent University)

Theresa Reinold (University of Duisburg Essen)

Mareike Riedel (Macquarie University Sydney)

Michael Riegner (University of Erfurt)

Isabella Risini (Ruhr University of Bochum)

Stephan Schill (University of Amsterdam)

Dana Schmalz (Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law)

Alexander Schwarz (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ))

Ajla Škrbić (Free University of Berlin)

Paulina Starski (Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg)

Dominik Steiger (Technische Universität Dresden)

Leonie Steinl (University of Münster)

Pierre Thielbörger (Ruhr University of Bochum)

Markus Wagner (University of Wollongong)

Astrid Charlotte Wiik (Federal Ministry for the Environment and Consumer Protection Germany)

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