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Inter-State Cases under the ECHR

Image based on a picture taken by Marc Tilley, edited by Christian Pogies.

The aim of this Symposium is to reflect on the ongoing debate on inter-State cases before the European Court of Human Rights and to constructively engage with the Council of Europe’s current working group on the Effective processing and resolution of cases relating to inter-State disputes.

The Symposium will feature contributions by speakers of the high-level online Conference Inter-State Cases under the European Convention on Human Rights – Experiences and Current Challenges, which took place on April 12/13, 2021 and was live-streamed by Völkerrechtsblog.

The Symposium is co-organized by Justine Batura (Völkerrechtsblog) and Isabella Risini (Ruhr University Bochum), who will feature as guest editor of the symposium. The co-editors are introducing the Symposium by providing a brief overview over the context of inter-State cases as well as by outlining the arguments presented by each contribution (here). Concluding the Symposium, the co-hosts of the covered conference offer an overview on the issues that the currently ongoing review process should (further) discuss and eventually decide (here).

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