Megaregionals and the OthersSymposium

Megaregionals and the Others

Our symposium accompanying the ICONS conference in Berlin

This weekend, public and international lawyers gather at Humboldt University in Berlin for the third conference of the International Society of Public Law, entitled “Borders, Otherness, and Public Law”. Völkerrechtsblog takes up one particularly salient issue that is covered in panels and papers at the conference, but that is also a concern for international and public lawyers worldwide: The future structure of international economic law, and more specifically, the rise of megaregional trade deals like TTIP and TPP. In keeping with the conference title, the subsequent posts will cover perspectives of the Others – those not part of these megaregionals, those beyond the new trade borders envisaged by them, from India via South Africa to Latin America. The symposium will conclude with a rejoinder from NYU’s MegaReg research project, whose team is co-organizing this series of posts together with Völkerrechtsblog. All posts in this series can be found here.

Michael Riegner, Thomas Streinz and Paul Mertenskötter

ISSN 2510-2567
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