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Editorial #31: To A Smooth Restart!


As we are getting used to (editorial) life after our post mid-year break, we thought of catching up and sharing the news of what’s to come. The Völkerrechtsblog kicked off the start of the new academic season on September 1, 2023 with an interview with Alexander Orakhelashvili, who talked with us inter alia about his academic journey and working habits. This season, the symposium ‘The Person behind the Academic’ will continue re-introducing the persons behind inspiring academic texts, judgements, or lectures, with new interviews being published every second Friday.

Just before our mid-year break, Michele Krech highlighted the implications of the ECtHR’s judgment in Semenya v. Switzerland on the role of the judicial authorities most likely to hear complaints of human rights abuses in international sport. More recently, Pranav Ganesan and Helen Keller explored the question of whether local adaptation suffices to protect human rights during the climate crisis. Theresa Bosl then underlined the significance of the “Hadopi” case that is currently before the CJEU and warned that it could be a ‘game-changer’ for the right to privacy even in the ECtHR’s jurisprudence. Finally, Arnold Vardanyan stressed the significance of international cooperation in the context of the serious humanitarian crisis leading to genocide in Nagorno-Karabakh.

On a last note, we are already happy to announce that next week, the symposium ‘Progress and International Law: A Cursed Relationship?’ will take place! The symposium will accompany the 2023  AjV-DGIR conference, which aims to unpack the unsettled relationship between progress and international law. In this context, some of the conference’s speakers will share with us their reflections on the symposium’s theme. We look forward to reading your remarks on these reflections!

We hope that you have enjoyed the first publications of the new academic season and we wish you a good read for the ones to come!

Spyridoula (Sissy) Katsoni

Spyridoula Katsoni is Research Associate and PhD Candidate at Ruhr University Bochum’s Institute for International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict (IFHV).

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