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How to be cynical: some suggestions

Livestream of Prof. Gerry Simpson’s Keynote Lecture at the Conference ‘Cynical International Law?’, 6 September 2019


Watch here the livestream of Prof. Gerry Simpson’s Keynote Lecture, opening the Working Group of Young Scholars in Public International Law’s (Arbeitskreis junger Völkerrechtswissenschaftler*innen – AjV) and the German Society of International Law’s (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationales Recht – DGIR) joint conference

Cynical International Law?

Abuse and Circumvention in Public International and European Law

held at Freie Universität Berlin on 6-7 September 2019. Find the conference program here.

What might it mean for international lawyers to be playful, puckish, maybe even virtuous? Could we be cynics without cynicism? And how, ‘after’ critique, might we respond to the perennial question: ‘what is to be done?’

In this lecture, Gerry Simpson will contemplate these and other questions. His lecture is preceded by introductory words of the conference organizers.


The livestream will be available on the blog up to one week after the lecture and will be replaced by a permanent edited video recording afterwards.

You can also just listen to the audio stream:

For further live updates on the conference on Friday and Saturday, follow Völkerrechtsblog’s Twitter account.

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