IL in Pandemic TimesSymposium

Symposium: International law in pandemic times

Today we kick off our symposium on „International law in pandemic times“. International lawyers have started to debate the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on a range of fora (see here, here and here). With this symposium, we want to pluralize these discussions, but also take a step back and reflect on the very terms and frameworks within which international lawyers currently understand and debate the pandemic. We thus invited contributions from perspectives …


Call for ContributionsCurrent DevelopmentsIL in Pandemic Times

Call for Contributions: International law in pandemic times

The current COVID-19 pandemic is a health crisis of global dimension. With numerous countries imposing shut-downs, closing their borders and limiting international trade and cooperation, the crisis in some ways appears to have prompted a return of the nation state that seemed unimaginable only weeks ago and has already given rise to the question whether we are currently witnessing the end of globalization (see on this here and here). International …



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Die Möglichkeit der Normen – Ein Buch-Symposium

Christoph Möllers’ im September bei Suhrkamp erschienenes “Die Möglichkeit der Normen. Über eine Praxis jenseits von Moralität und Kausalität” ist ein Buch, das nicht nur viel Interesse geweckt hat (s. Rezensionen in SZ und SWR), sondern das auch viele Interessen bedient. Norm(en)forschung, normative Ordnungen, die Grundlagen von Normativität: das alles sind Aspekte, die in sehr unterschiedlichen Diskurszusammenhängen in jüngerer Zeit große Prominenz erlangt haben, zumal darin viele ältere Debatten – …