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Symposium: International law in pandemic times

Today we kick off our symposium on „International law in pandemic times“. International lawyers have started to debate the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on a range of fora (see here, here and here). With this symposium, we want to pluralize these discussions, but also take a step back and reflect on the very terms and frameworks within which international lawyers currently understand and debate the pandemic. We thus invited contributions from perspectives that are underrepresented in the debates thus far, but also reflections on the terms of the debate: What are the frames, narratives, blind spots and ahistoricities of the unfolding debate? Who speaks, who is silenced in pandemic times? How do Global South and subaltern perspectives help to better understand the current pandemic?

We are delighted about the response to the call and look forward to publishing a diverse selection of posts in the coming two weeks. As always, we invite you to participate in the debate and to share your thoughts via the comments function!

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