Call Organisation and Location Closing Date
International Law and the Internet ZaöRV 81 (2021) 2/3: Special issue/Schwerpunktheft 10 May 2020
MenschenRechtsMagazin 2/2020 MenschenRechtsZentrum der Universität Potsdam (MRZ) 1. April 2020
Emerging Issues of Relationship between International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University 5 April 2020
Populism and International Law: Global South Perspectives Brazilian Journal of International Law, Special Issue 15 April 2020
BIICL Conference on Teaching International Law British Institute of International and Comparative Law 15 April 2020
The Hague Yearbook of International Law, Volume 31 The Hague Yearbook of International Law 15 April 2020
Brett William Campbell PhD Thesis Prize in International Studies University of Trento, School of International Studies 30 April 2020
International Law and Global Risks: Current Challenges in Theory and Practice Cambridge International Law Journal  11 May 2020
South Asian Journal of International Law South Asian Journal of International Law 15 May 2020
The Reality of International Legal Theory – Reality in International Legal Theory University of Copenhagen 17 May 2020
2020 Rosalyn Higgins Prize Law & Practice of International Courts and Tribunals 30 June 2020
10th GoJIL Student Essay Competition (2020) Goettingen Journal of International Law (GoJIL) 1 July 2020
Law and Ethics in the Time of a Global Pandemic Journal of Law and Biosciences no deadline