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On Rewarding in International Law

A Conversation with Anne van Aaken and Betül Simsek


Engaging with the contributions of the Symposium ‘Rewarding in International Law’, Veronika Fikfak discusses the new approach proposed in ‘Rewarding in International Law’ (AJIL) with the two authors, Anne van Aaken and Betül Simsek. This recorded conversation forms the closure of the Symposium that was co-organized by Christian Pogies, Justine Batura and Veronika Fikfak as a guest co-editor.

Veronika Fikfak

Photo by Onur Pinar

Veronika Fikfak is an Associate Professor in Human Rights Law at the Centre of Excellence, iCourts at the University of Copenhagen. She is currently in charge of a five-year project funded by the ERC called Human Rights Nudge, which looks at the impact of different remedies on states’ human rights compliance practices.

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Anne van Aaken

Anne van Aaken is the Alexander von Humboldt Professor for Law and Economics, Legal Theory, Public International Law and European Law and Director, Institute of Law and Economics at the University of Hamburg. She was Vice President of ESIL and EALE and is a board member of AJIL, EJIL, JIEL and International Theory as well as a Co-editor of The Journal for International Dispute Settlement.

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Betül Simsek

Betül Simsek is a research associate at the Institute of Law and Economics at the University of Hamburg and a Ph.D. candidate in Economics.

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