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Irresolvable Norm Conflicts: The Concept of a Legal Dilemma

A Book Symposium

Over the course of the next few days the Völkerrechtsblog is pleased to host an online symposium of Valentin Jeutner’s recently published book: Irresolvable Norm Conflicts in International Law: The Concept of a Legal Dilemma (OUP 2017). Those who have not (yet) read the book may be referred to a cinematic short film based on the book’s central argument.

Valentin Jeutner is a Senior Associate Lecturer in Law at Lund University’s Faculty of Law. The book will be discussed by Wolfgang Thierse (Berlin), Surabhi Ranganathan (Cambridge), Lea Wisken (Berlin) and Rostam J. Neuwirth (Macau). The symposium will conclude with a response from the author.

The Völkerrechtsblog is very grateful to all commentators for their participation.


Cite as: Sebastian Spitra, “Irresolvable Norm Conflicts: The Concept of a Legal Dilemma: A Book Symposium”, Völkerrechtsblog, 24 June 2019.

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