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Special Editorial: On Ukraine


Today is a grim day for international law, for international peace and security, and for everyone believing in a norm-based global order. We are all aware that international law is not perfect – this has been and remains to be a core motivation for running this blog. As early career researchers in international law, we lastingly believe in constructive, open, critical, and transparent academic discourse. This is what we attempt to provide through on a daily basis and we try to do so in an inclusive and impartial manner.

The developments of 24th February 2022, however, urge us to step out of this role as moderators for a moment and clearly condemn violations of international law: by commencing offensive military operations against Ukraine, by violating its territorial integrity and sovereignty, and by blatantly violating the foundational principles and purposes of the Charter of the United Nations, the Russian Federation has overtly engaged in an act of aggression.  The achievements that international law has made possible in the aftermath of World War II – including the architecture of a norm-based global order or collective security on the European continent – are under attack.

The current developments are deeply disturbing – and thus, we will not remain silent: we call out this flagrant violation of international law and strongly condemn the military campaign currently deployed by the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

The prime objective of international law remains to safeguard peace and security – this also remains our objective in providing a forum for engaging with international law and we remain deeply connected to this imperative mission.


The Editorial Team

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