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Book Review Symposium: Contingency in International Law


Could international law have turned out differently? What were contingent crossings at which international law could have taken different avenues? And why might it be worth thinking counter-factually? Over the coming week, together with OpinioJuris, we are delighted to host a symposium on the volume “Contingency in International Law – on the Possibility of Different Legal Histories”, edited by Ingo Venzke and Kevin Jon Heller and published this April.

The contributors are Adeel Hussain, Ntina Tzouvala, Doreen Lustig, Vidya Kumar, Kanad Bagchi, Marina Veličković and Hirofumi Oguri. The symposium will close with a rejoinder by the editors. As always, we invite you to participate in the debate via the comment function below!

Raffaela Kunz

Raffaela Kunz is a Senior Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law and Co-Editor-in-Chief of Völkerrechtsblog.

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Raphael Oidtmann

Raphael Oidtmann is an Adjunct Lecturer at Mannheim Law School, an external PhD candidate at Goethe University Frankfurt, and an editor at Völkerrechtsblog.

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Anna-Julia Saiger

Anna-Julia Saiger (LL.M.) is a PhD candidate at Humboldt University (Berlin). She graduated from King’s College, London, Humboldt University, Berlin, and La Sapienza, Rome, and is currently working at the Institute for Media and Information Law at Albert-Ludwigs University Freiburg (GER). Her research focuses on climate change litigation and international law. She is an editor at Völkerrechtsblog.

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