Gunneflo Book SymposiumSymposium

Targeted Killing: A Legal and Political History

A Book Symposium

9781107114852Over the coming weeks, the Völkerrechtsblog will host an online symposium on the recently published book Targeted Killing: A Legal and Political History (CUP 2016) by Markus Gunneflo.

Markus Gunneflo is a postdoctoral researcher and lecturer in public international law at Lund University in Sweden.

The book will be discussed by Itamar Mann (Haifa), Ioannis Kalpouzos (London), Nahed Samour (Helsinki), Karin Loevy (NYU) and Jothie Rajah (American Bar Foundation, Chicago). The symposium concludes with a response by the book’s author to the comments of the reviewers.

The Völkerrechtsblog is very grateful to all commentators for their participation.

ISSN 2510-2567
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