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Move, See, Listen, Imagine International Law (or Not)


In this talk Sofia takes you on a sightseeing tour through The Hague, the ‘International City of Peace and Justice’. But it is not a tour from A to B and back. It is a tour in the form of a collage, assembled from artworks, texts, and objects from or about institutions of international law. Through a cacophony of shifting perspectives and modalities, she ties to (un)make sense of international institutional sites as a spaces of encounter and exclusion.

This lecture is part of the Art, Architecture and International Law seminar series launched this academic year by Cambridge University. It explores the different ways in which art and architecture and international law intersect. It also demonstrates that international law exists well beyond the written word.

Sofia Stolk

Dr Sofia Stolk is a researcher in international law at the Asser Institute in The Hague and the University of Amsterdam. Her research project ‘Imagining Justice’ focuses on the use of visual means by international courts and tribunals and explores how different audiences engage with international law through its representation in visual media. She has published about the intersection of international law and art, architecture, theatre, and film.

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