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Livestream: Who Speaks International Law?

Keynote by Prof. Dr. Sundhya Pahuja and Prof. Dr. Shaun McVeigh (both University of Melbourne)


Today at 8:45 am CEST, we will livestream Prof. Dr. Sundhya Pahuja and Prof. Dr. Shaun McVeigh’s keynote here. They will engage in a conversation on the theme of the 2021 AjV-DGIR conference: “Who speaks international law?”

This keynote session is part of this year’s AjV-DGIR conference on ‘Jurisdiction – Who Speaks International Law?’, held physically in Bonn and online via Zoom. The full programme is available here. You can register as an engaged listener (online only) here.


Sundhya Pahuja
Sundhya Pahuja is a Professor at Melbourne Law School and Director of its Institute for International Law and the Humanities (IILAH). Her research focuses on the history, theory and practice of international law in its political, social and economic dimensions. She has a particular interest in international law and the relationship between global North and South, and the practice  of development and international law.
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Shaun McVeigh

Shaun McVeigh is a Professor at Melbourne Law School. He has research interests in the fields of jurisprudence, health care, and legal ethics. His current research projects centre around three themes associated with refreshing a jurisprudence of jurisdiction: the development of accounts of a ‚lawful‘ South; the importance of a civil prudence to thinking about the conduct of law (and lawyers); and, the continuing need to take account of the colonial legal inheritance of Australia and Britain.

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