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Call for Contributions: Russian Perspectives on International Law

Call for contributions to the online-symposium


The Völkerrechtsblog is happy to announce an online symposium on “International Law Seen from Russia”. This symposium is meant to offer insights from scholars working on international law issues related to Russia, to shed light on specific questions from the Russian context, and on Russian perspectives on international law. Russia is among the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, occupying a central place in UN law-making and its effective implementation. The largest state in the world, Russia’s geography makes it subject to various regional questions of international law, such as legal disputes in the Arctic. Russia shares borders with 15 states, including the United States, China, North Korea, and three member states of the European Union. Recent conflicts between Russia and Ukraine, in particular regarding the territory of Crimea, are matters to be discussed from an international law viewpoint, and matters that impact the debate about international law in general. Historically, Russia and the Soviet Union, as its predecessor, formed a counterpoint to the dominance of the United States and Western Europe, raising the question how this position developed in recent years and which role Russia plays for international legal debate today. Finally, Russia is also a member of the Council of Europe, and a contracting party to the European Convention of Human Rights, raising questions about the influence and interpretation of the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights, and Russian perspectives on the court.

We invite contributions on any of these topics – and on any further questions relevant to the symposium’s theme. Contributions should be around 1000-1500 words long, and are welcome in English, French, or German. The symposium will take place in January 2018, contributions will be received till 20 Dezember 2017. Please send us your texts or inquiries at ajv.kontakt@gmail.com.

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