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Summer School on “EU Migration and Asylum Law and Policy”


The objective is to give the participants a global understanding of the European immigration and asylum policies from a legal perspective, including the latest developments in 2024. The course provides also an excellent opportunity to spend an intellectually stimulating fortnight and to network among a group of around one hundred fellow participants specialised in the area of migration and asylum. The summer school has trained more than 2000 persons and is well known among employers considering it as an asset for job seekers.


In a nutshell:

A program made of three parts

  • Introductory courses
  • Migration including visas and borders
  • Asylum


To acquire a general knowledge of EU Migration and Asylum Law

  • A program legally oriented but accessible to non-jurists
  • Courses including theory and some practical elements
  • Including debates on the latest developments with the Migration and Asylum Pact & controversial issues like accountability of Frontex, scope of application of human rights, law of the sea and migration, artificial intelligence & algorithms


A special focus on the New Migration & Asylum Pact 

This 24th edition of the summer school will focus on the new instruments to be adopted in 2024 under the New Migration & Asylum Pact. All courses will be entirely updated and cover extensively the issues of screening, Dublin and solidarity between Member States, Asylum Procedures, Eurodac, crisis, force majeure and instrumentalisation, reception conditions, qualification & asylum agency.


Accessible to students but also professionals

Courses given during afternoons from 1pm to 7pm.

Professors among best specialists from all EU Member States

Including practitioners from EU EU agencies

All courses on-site but also entirely on-line in English


Find the full brochure here.

Université libre de Bruxelles und online
Odysseus Academic Network
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