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Welcome to a new blog: “GPIL – German Practice in International Law“ has officially launched


International law depends on State practice and opinio iuris. Through their practice, States may therefore actively seek to influence the development of international law. It is thus paramount that State practice is (1) accessible to an international audience and (2) widely known. The blog “German Practice in International Law” (GPIL), initiated by Professor Stefan Talmon, takes up this task for Germany’s practice.

GPIL publishes case studies on German practice for any field in international law, ranging from air and space law to the use of force. It reports the German position on questions of public international law and puts that position in its wider factual, political, and legal context. Where applicable, it also records reactions of other States and provides legal assessments of the German position. The case studies are based on decisions by German courts, diplomatic notes, official government statements, answers to parliamentary questions, government reports, or statements before international organizations.

Through independent reporting on German State practice, GPIL hopes to provide in particular non-German speaking scholars and practitioners with a ready source of up-to-date information on the views and practices of the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany in the field of public international law.

Thereby, GPIL is more than a blog. A fully referenced version of all entries will be published annually in book form.

If you are interested in German State practice, do visit the blog at and subscribe to the newsletter.

GPIL invites government officials, international law practitioners, judges, professors, PhD researchers and advanced law students to contribute to the blog.

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