Current Developments

Individual compensation reloaded

German governmental liability for unlawful acts in bello

On 30 April, the Appeals Court of Cologne will rule on whether Germany has to pay compensation to victims of an airstrike in Afghanistan. Its judgment is likely to consolidate the new German approach to questions of compensation for armed activities which – given the increasing relevance of litigation about armed conflicts – merits a brief treatment.



Online-Debatte: Freihandel versus Demokratie

Nach dem gemeinsamen Symposium Tradedemocracy mit dem Juwiss Blog findet heute, am 24. April,  die Tagung Freihandel versus Demokratie in Berlin statt. Kommentare und Fragen können gerne über den Juwiss Blog oder über Twitter (#trademocracy) an die Vortragenden gestellt werden. Elisabeth V. Henn für die Redaktion