Lost in translation

Varying German-language versions of international treaties and documents

“Of course, international law is the same everywhere, so it’s not a problem, right?” is the response I often get when talking about my transition into German academia. Anthea Roberts prominently made the case that this is not necessarily true. Surprisingly, I discovered that some of it differs even between Austria and Germany. Teaching international law courses at a German University, I expected to simply draw from my previous years …


GDPR as Global Standard SetterSymposium

Designed to serve mankind?

The politics of the General Data Protection Regulation

The collection and processing of our personal data is changing sense-making of the world and ourselves, as are projects of governance surrounding it. In the year since it has become effective, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has come to represent a global standard for privacy and data protection. Yet, the idea that the GDPR represents a global standard assumes a uniform cultural and political context globally and overlooks broader questions …