Current Developments

Beyond  the exhumation  of the dictator

The role of Spanish civil society  in the search of victims of enforced disappearance  during the Franco regime  

After the pronouncement of the Spanish  Supreme Court  endorsing the exhumation of the remains of the dictator Franco from the “Valle de los Caidos” (the enormous mausoleum built by the prisoners of Civil War where Franco was buried for 44 years), the actual exhumation finally took place this week. This measure was foreseen in  Royal Decree-Law 10/2018,  adopted by the socialist government of Pedro Sánchez in August 2018,   which modifies …


Allegra - Transitional Justice

The limits of truth telling

Victim-centrism in Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission on Indian residential schools

Transitional Justice is an important emerging theme in legal anthropology. Völkerrechtsblog will explore this theme through a collaboration with the blog ‘Allegra Lab: Anthropology, Law, Art & World’ and re-post their series ‘Transitional Justice under the anthropological microscope’. Truth commissions can be seen, not only as venues for addressing the worst abuses of states in a search for justice, but as institutions that produce knowledge, oriented toward shaping opinion on …