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Governing the world through information (law)

Knowledge is power – power is knowledge. While this nexus certainly is a commonplace in the critical sociology of knowledge, it may actually never have been more topical than today. With the dramatic increase of (digital) communicative interactions within and beyond national boundaries, ‘information’ has become available in an absolute inflationary manner. This is also reflected in everyday discourse: The German Gesellschaft für deutsche Sprache (Association for the German Language) …


Debating "Beyond Human Rights"Symposium

De-constitutionalizing individual rights beyond the state?

Democracy and universality below and between human rights   

With its translation into English, Anne Peters’ “Beyond Human Rights” provokes reactions from a wider scholarly community that does not necessarily share her doctrinal methods, theoretical commitments or underlying political philosophy. Zoran Oklopic thus reads her work critically as a call for a “ius cosmopoliticum” based on “normative individualism”, as a liberal legalism which empowers the bourgeois to effectively enforce individual – read: corporate – property rights through investment arbitration but …