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From “Assigned Residence” to “Zone”

Introduction to the Book Review Symposium on The ABC of the OPT

Israel’s occupation or “control” (as the book prefers to call it) of Palestinian Territory that began with six days in June 1967, presents a depressing and tragic political and moral conundrum. For the international lawyer, it is also a legal laboratory of global relevance. “The Israeli occupation of Palestine embodies a fateful and troubling paradox regarding international law that we must acknowledge and think our way through”, writes Michael Lynk, …



Palestine’s statehood and its accession to the Rome Statute

A response to Robin Caballero Daniel Ventura Robin Caballero’s post highlighted the will of many national parliaments to see their state’s executive proceed to the legal recognition of Palestine. To recognize the legal status of a state, states make a subjective assessment of the fulfilment of the criterion which they consider probative for the purpose of statehood. Among the probative elements, acceding to an I.O. and becoming a party to …



Palestine: Do the Recognitions of its Statehood by European National Parliaments matter?

On 17th December 2014, the European Parliament passed a resolution in favour of the recognition of Palestinian statehood. Since the beginning of Autumn 2014, many national Parliaments of the European Union (Spain, United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Portugal, Luxembourg) have passed resolutions inviting their executives to officially recognize Palestine as an independent State. The symbolic value of theses resolutions has often been emphasized. They constitute a further step in the progressive …