Plurality of Law and DevelopmentSymposium

Scholars in mutual estrangement?

Transformative constitutionalism meets law and development

There is a curious estrangement between two scholarly communities that ought to have a lot in common: The first studies “transformative constitutionalism”, the second “law and development”. There is considerable thematic, geographical and methodological overlap between the two. Yet, the two strands of scholarship do not systematically connect. My argument in this post is that connecting the two approaches is productive because it confronts each side with its own blind …


SymposiumThe Promises of International Law and Society

Towards Post-Western Investment Law?

Alternative Visions in the Making

International Investment Law (IIL) has always been a battleground of competing paradigms and imaginations of economic world order. While it carries the promise of welfare through global competition for some, others associate it with Northern or capitalist hegemony. Today, however, the old battles between North and South over the rules of global investment are considered history. With the spread of Western style bilateral investment treaties (BIT) around the globe, the …