Current Developments

Gender Inclusive Trade and the Limits of Liberal Feminism

The 11th Ministerial Conference of the WTO saw the coming together of 121 WTO members to support the Buenos Aires Declaration on Trade and Women’s Economic Empowerment (hereinafter ‘Gender Declaration’). Members went on to endorse a liberal feminist strategy to promote gender equality within the international trading system. Pursuant to the Gender Declaration, the WTO has convened a series of conferences and workshops to deliberate upon ways to promote women’s participation in …


South and East Asian Perspectives on International LawSymposium

Are We Living in an Eastphalian Moment?

It is indisputable that economic and geopolitical power has shifted east and that the core-semi periphery-periphery symbolism, a common reference for liberal, socialist and postcolonial states, increasingly mischaracterizes the complexities of relations at play, as do voices who proclaim the beginning of the post-liberal world order. True, in liberal strongholds, nationalistically-minded authoritarianism is on the rise again, more subtle than in the first half of the 20thcentury, but with similar …


Business and Human RightsSymposium

Das Verhältnis von Handels- und Investitionsabkommen zu einem Abkommen zu Unternehmen und Menschenrechten

Anmerkungen in vierzehn Thesen

I. Der Ausgangsbefund: Wirtschaftsabkommen und Menschenrechte 1. Angesichts der vor allem seit den 1990er Jahren zu verzeichnenden Effektivierung und Erweiterung des Anwendungsbereichs des völkervertragsrechtlichen Handels- und Investitionsrechts sind vermehrt Fallkonstellationen denkbar und lassen sich in der Praxis auch bereits nachweisen, in denen auf dieser Grundlage eingegangene wirtschaftsrechtliche Verpflichtungen durch Maßnahmen einer Vertragspartei beeinträchtigt werden, welche diese unter Rekurs auf menschenrechtlich erfasste Schutzgüter rechtfertigt.



Innovations in Pharmaceutical Industry

How to Work Towards a Global Benefit for Consumers

Intellectual Property Laws across the world is intended to provide incentives to creators, authors, innovators and businesses by granting them monopoly rights usually for a limited period. Those rights would reward their efforts, help recoup their investments and profit from their contributions to society. However, due to inconsistencies and loopholes in law coupled with the ineffectiveness or challenges in enforcement, society suffers from certain monopolistic, controversial and certain unfair trade …