Current Developments

Filtering fundamental rights

The European Union’s balancing of intellectual property and the freedom to receive information

The legislation process of the “Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market” has been accompanied by many unusual events, such as a – later removed – communication by the Commission containing insults of the opponents of the reform; a video published by the social media account of the Parliament defending the draft (before an actual vote by the parliament and created by one of the firmest lobbyist groups for the …



Open Access on the shores of international legal scholarship

Völkerrechtsblog’s experience with providing open access to scholars from 156 countries around the world

The digital revolution is hitting the shores of academic publishing. Online resources increasingly gain ground, and open access has become the call of the day – and a hotly debated issue. Political and academic initiatives favor and fund open access, for instance the digital strategy of the German Ministry of Education and Research or the Open Access 2020 initiative of the Max Planck society. For its advocates, open access promises …



Innovations in Pharmaceutical Industry

How to Work Towards a Global Benefit for Consumers

Intellectual Property Laws across the world is intended to provide incentives to creators, authors, innovators and businesses by granting them monopoly rights usually for a limited period. Those rights would reward their efforts, help recoup their investments and profit from their contributions to society. However, due to inconsistencies and loopholes in law coupled with the ineffectiveness or challenges in enforcement, society suffers from certain monopolistic, controversial and certain unfair trade …


Current Developments

Bauern vs. Monsanto

Die Kollision des Patent- und Sortenschutzes für Saatgut in Argentinien

Im Konflikt um das Recht am Geistigen Eigentum und die Lizenzgebühren auf genverändertes Soja in Argentinien seit 1997 waren die widersprüchlichen Rechtsregime des Sortenschutzes und des Patentschutzes für Saatgut ein Schlüsselbaustein. Der Fall veranschaulicht die Frage, wie überlappende Rechtsregime und -normen sich in der praktischen Anwendung zu einander verhalten. Ich argumentiere hier, dass kollidierende Rechtsregime zwar formal-rechtlich gleichwertig bleiben, aber temporär in der politischen Aushandlung einem Regime der Vorrang eingeräumt …