Current Developments

Centenary struggles: climate change & informality at ILO 100

One of the most disruptive new realities transforming the contemporary world of work is that of climate change. Escalating dislocations, disasters, floods, extreme heat, and other ‘exceptional’ catastrophes are on the horizon, globally. As a further matter, the social and economic burdens of climate change will most severely impact individuals and communities living and working in situations of informality, broadly meaning, in the absence of rights and social protection. The …


Labour Standards in a Globalised EconomySymposium

The ILO, its standards and their supervision: difficult times?

The International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) mandate to pursue social justice through the improvement of the conditions of workers worldwide is clearly as relevant now as it was when the Organisation was founded in 1919. Deficient working conditions are still creating immense human suffering, generating injustice and threatening stability. Amongst the initiatives taken to assist it in its mandate, the ILO has produced an impressive number of conventions, protocols and recommendations …