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Colonial Repercussions in Germany and Namibia

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Klima- und umweltbedingte Flucht

Stehen Klima- und Umweltveränderungen mit Zwangsmigration im Zusammenhang? Können diese Veränderungen die Flucht und Vertreibung von Menschen verursachen und wenn ja, wieso? Wie werden diese Menschen, die ihre Heimat verlassen müssen, völkerrechtlich geschützt? Der Völkerrechtsblog und der FlüchtlingsforschungsBlog geben gemeinsam eine Serie von Beiträgen heraus, in deren Mittelpunkt diese und weitere Fragen zur klima- und umweltbedingten Flucht und Zwangsmigration stehen. Die Beiträge stammen von Expertinnen und Experten vornehmlich aus der Wissenschaft aber auch aus der Praxis. Jeder Beitrag nimmt eine andere disziplinäre Sicht auf das Thema und reflektiert spezifische Herausforderungen.

Labour Standards in a Globalised Economy

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Lehre des internationalen Rechts

Megaregionals and the Others


Movement of People

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Plurality of Law and Development

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Rule of Law Goes Global

The global approach to rule of law is at the heart of this online symposium and conference “Rule of law goes global”. The conference is organized by our cooperation partner, the journal “Law and Politics in Asia, Africa and Latin America”, which holds its annual gathering from 3-4 July in Potsdam. The journal has a longstanding tradition of reflecting on the rule of law in the Global South, both in national and international law.

Russian Perspectives on International Law


South and East Asian Perspectives on International Law

Sovereign Debt

Strengthening the Legal Framework of the OSCE

The Corporation, Law and Capitalism

The Promises of International Law and Society

When Richard Schwartz, co-founder of the Law and Society Association in the US, was invited to submit a part of his PhD on social factors in the development of legal control as an article to the Yale Law Journal, he himself wondered: “What’s law got to do with it?” Despite his doubts, the article became a classic in the by now well-established field of Law and Society research in the US, but the question will still resound with many on the continent in Europe: Research in law faculties is still largely doctrinal and positivist, and socio-legal studies are far from mainstream in publication lists, job descriptions and the rolls of academic honor – a state of affairs that equally prevails in international law.


Verfassungs- und Völkerrecht im Spannungsverhältnis

Young Approaches to International Law