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Call for Consultancy Services

Call for consultancy services of the International Nuremberg Principles Academy in the field of international criminal justice

The International Nuremberg Principles Academy (“Nuremberg Academy” or “the Academy”) is a non-profit foundation dedicated to the promotion of international criminal law and human rights. It was established by the Federal Republic of Germany, the Free State of Bavaria, and the City of Nuremberg in 2014. The Nuremberg Academy is located in Nuremberg, the birthplace of modern international criminal law. Conscious of this historic heritage, the Nuremberg Academy supports the fight against impunity for universally recognized core international crimes: genocide, crimes against
humanity, war crimes, and the crime of aggression. Its main fields of activity include providing a forum for dialogue by convening conferences and expert meetings, conducting interdisciplinary and applied research, engaging in specialized capacity building for practitioners of international criminal law, and human rights education.
Dedicated to supporting the worldwide application of international criminal law, the Nuremberg Academy promotes the Nuremberg Principles and the rule of law with a vision of sustainable peace through justice, furthering knowledge, and building capacities of those involved in the judicial process in relation to these crimes. More information on the work of the Nuremberg Academy is available on our website.

The Nuremberg Academy is seeking a consultancy service in international criminal justice to develop a roadmap outlining cooperation efforts in international criminal justice.

Short description of the project
The Nuremberg Academy is currently developing its research strategy concerning the effective addressing of the commission of core international crimes. To this effect, the Nuremberg Academy has conducted several events and projects in the areas of cooperation, knowledge exchange and standard setting. Regarding cooperation in international criminal justice, in relation to the addressing of the commission of core international crimes, the Nuremberg Academy has also published a brief guideline on cooperation between civil society organizations and judicial mechanisms (limited focus on cooperation in the prosecution of CRSV), available for download on the website of the Academy.
Pertaining and possibly overlapping issues in these various activities remain:
a) the need for clarity in various ongoing initiatives and roles, objectives and goals; and
b) the arising need to address cooperative initiatives through the lens of effectiveness and efficiency to be able to enhance cooperation overall in international criminal justice.

As a result, the Nuremberg Academy is contemplating a project that would address these challenges and has decided to develop as an initial step a roadmap outlining cooperation efforts in international criminal justice.

Objective and scope of work
To develop the roadmap outlining cooperation efforts in international criminal justice. In accordance with the objectives of the project, and under the supervision of the project lead, the consultant will:
Design the best fitted and tailored research methodology framework to achieve the creation of the roadmap mentioned above;
Develop a detailed work plan outlining the methodology structure, including implementation, testing and designing relevant workshops, bearing in mind the timeline;
Conduct relevant research, mapping, literature review, case review and other research design/s as necessary, and in completion of the research;
Prepare and coordinate possible workshops/interviews, including identifying the main stakeholders and securing the participation of key informants;
Preparing the outline of the roadmap;
Liaise with the Nuremberg Academy during the material production phase and upon completion of draft material, revise material as appropriate and necessary upon review, and finalize the project deliverables;
Be responsible for delivering high-quality products; in accordance with the Nuremberg Academy’s standard and criteria;
Perform other design and implementation related assignments in furtherance of the project, as agreed upon with the project lead.

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