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Taught Humanitarian Diplomacy Online Course


This 7-week modular course is designed with each module consisting of 2.5 contact hours per week including a separate Question & Answer and tuition session. The course module incorporates online lectures, discussions, documentaries, and networking activities. To ensure the quality of the program, we follow a strict policy to admit no more than 8 participants in a batch. The Humanitarian Diplomacy (HD) course equals 50% of the workload of an academic semester-long course. The significance of Individual career guidance is emphasized during an additional 1.5 hrs of one-on-one coaching. The HD course builds on over 20 years of humanitarian field experience by the course director and lead trainer Stefan G. Ziegler. Stefan, who incorporates your own participation and contributions to the online discussions. Crucially, it is this unique combination of experiences and joint participation that frames the core of your learning.

Who is this Course for?

This course is tailored to meet the high-end needs of practitioners, students, and scholars. For the subject areas see modules below.

Course Structure

The Modules in the course are dedicated to:

  1. Concepts; Learning Journal; Methodology & Research
  2. Humanitarian Diplomacy – Perspectives in Praxis & International Law, the Philosophy of Law
  3. Humanitarian Action, Advocacy & Communications
  4. Illustrated Case Study: produced by the Course Director
  5. Conflict Resolution: Negotiation & Mediation
  6. Practical Simulation Exercise & Humanitarian Tools
  7. Participant Learning & Career Awareness


  1. Seven (7) online interactive and participatory learning modules with integrated group work and role-plays.
  2. Additional training and course materials are distributed prior to the course.
  3. The sessions are recorded to help students learn and revise.
  4. Sharing of lesson-generated notes and illustrations is encouraged.
  5. One of the key highlights of the course is the guest lectures from Experts who actively expose participants to additional perspectives.

About the Course Director and Lead Trainer 

Stefan Ziegler – humanitarian practitioner & trainer, lecturer and film producer with over 20 years of experience in humanitarian action – has designed this online interactive and participative course based on his experience in mind. Stefan is an accomplished trainer (RedR UK), humanitarian diplomacy practitioner (UN, ICRC, OSCE) and Associate Professor at the Geneva School of Diplomacy. The result of his years of humanitarian work and pedagogical interest manifests itself in the variety of training competencies, publications, as well as audiences to whom he caters. Humanitarian and development practitioners profit from his experience and training competencies as do aid organizations in need of capacity building and academic institutions. His work varies from training one-on-one to applied settings in organizational environments, workshops, seminars, as well as individual coaching.

Details of the Course 

  1. Requirements: At least 3 hours of planned study and reading time additional to regular lectures. Desktop, laptop, or tablet with audio-visual ability. The online teaching and communications are conducted via ZOOM.
  2. Duration of the course: intake is on an ongoing basis with starting dates once a month.
  3. Add on Benefits:  Particpants will receive a “Certificate of Participation” upon satisfactory completion of at least 80% of the course work. A signed copy will be posted to those who complete the course.
  4. Fees: €385* inclusive of  7 modules (17.5 hrs one-on-one learning) and 1.5 hrs individual coaching.

*Student and other reductions or refunds: consult the Terms & Conditions which are provided upon your expression of interest. For all enquiries, including our other specialised courses, please contact us at:

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