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Colloquium on Challenges to Global Governance and Humanities in the 21st Century


Jindal Society of International Law, in pursuance of fostering fruitful conversations on international law, is delighted to present the Spring 2022 Lecture Series, titled Colloquium on Challenges to Global Governance and Humanities in the 21st Century. With more thirty lectures scheduled, this Lecture Series is being held from February to May 2022.

The distinguished speakers for this Lecture Series are practitioners and experts of international law, and include Professor Jennifer Trahan, Professor Donald Mcrae, Professor Marilyn Freeman, Judge Iulia Motoc, Professor Martti Koskenniemi, Mr. Nitin Sarin, Mr. Darius Khambata, Professor Shaun Star, Ms. Zia Mody, Professor (Dr.) Prabhash Rajan, Mr. Anil Malhotra, Professor Gian Burci, Dr. Sharon Mills, Dr. Zareer Masani and Mr. Sidharth Luthra.

About Jindal Society of International Law

JSIL, founded in 2020, is a student-led initiative aiming to provide a platform to young international law enthusiasts to nurture their interest in the field. The purpose of this Society is to increase student interaction with the subject matter of international law through its various initiatives. Rather than being primarily research-driven, we intend to offer a host of experiences that contribute towards skill-building, thereby increasing the knowledge database available to students. This Society is an attempt to bridge the lacuna by streamlining resources and inculcating an overall interest in the vast expanses of international law.

About the Lecture Series

The Spring 2022 Lecture Series offers a compendium of scholarship from the Academy and professional experience from the Bar. It is important to understand the law and its challenges from broader, different and differing vantage points. Acknowledging, international law is a creation of states, it is also important to understand and appreciate the social sciences and humanities that have played a key role in shaping the law. Thus, a broader study becomes critical which the Lecture Series aims to provide. Through this Lecture Series, it is also hoped that one will develop a deeper understanding of Phillip Jessup’s magnum opus, A Modern Law of Nations: An Introduction (1949), “So long as the international community is composed of states, it is only through an exercise of their will, as expressed through treaty or agreement or as laid down by an international authority deriving its power from states, that a rule of law becomes binding”.

Join Us for The Lectures!

To be a part of any of the lectures of this Series, attendees are required to register themselves for each individual lecture through the Registration Link. Kindly register yourself as soon as possible to not miss out on the lectures, given that there are limited number of seats for each lecture!

The lectures will be held online on Zoom and will also be simultaneously live streamed on YouTube. The registration link provides for all the necessary information regarding each lecture.

For any further queries or for additional information regarding the Spring 2022 Lecture Series or other initiatives of JSIL, kindly visit our website. You can also follow and engage with us on LinkedIn and Twitter!

Jindal Society of International Law
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