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Climate Refugees and International Law

Part I of the IFHV Lunch Lecture Series on ‚Anticipating Climate Change and Disaster Displacement‘

12:00 Uhr

The Global Compact on Refugees recognizes that “climate, environmental degradation and disasters increasingly interact with the drivers of refugee movements.” With an ever-accelerating pace of climate change, the international community can expect a sharp rise of persons displaced by natural disasters, so-called climate refugees, in the years to come.

This lecture will discuss the concept of climate refugees in international law, the role of the United Nations human rights system, and the influence of domestic courts in protecting climate refugees. Our goal is to identify the legal challenges ahead of us in order to anticipate climate migration and enhance the legal protection of climate refugees.

The event is hosted by IFHV’s research cluster on violent disruptions and forced migration and will be moderated by Sissy Katsoni and Jan-Phillip Graf – PhD-students at the IFHV and members of the SYLFF-Mikrokolleg on forced migration.

Find the Flyer here.

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