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Chile’s Constitutional Reform in Global Perspective

14:30 Uhr

Chile was a precursor of global constitutionalism when adopting a “neoliberal” constitution under Pinochet in 1980. Social protests in 2019 prompted a unique constitutional drafting process. The proposed new constitution addressed many issues, which lie at the heart of constitutional crises around the world. Its failure in a recent referendum may harbor lessons for constitutional crises and reforms around the world.



Prof. Jorge Contesse, Rutgers Law School

Prof. Alberto Coddou, McManus, Austral University of Chile

Dr. Daniela Arrese, Max Planck Foundation



Antonia Baraggia, U Milano Statale

Matthias Goldmann and Jule Halbach, EBS University


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EBS University Wiesbaden / Zoom
EBS University Wiesbaden
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