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“The Colonial Trials” – Indian Society for Legal Research

Indian Society for Legal Research is delighted to invite legal practitioners, academicians and research scholars to contribute to our upcoming blog series on The Colonial Trials.’  The purpose of this initiative is to revisit the legality of trials conducted by the British EIC and the British government. Some of the articles will assess the nature of the powers exercised by the  British EIC and its relevance in international law. With reference to the trials of heads of  States, we will also look into the arguments relating to the immunities and privileges prominent in the British legal literature.

We also look forward to accepting the articles addressing the following questions:
1. Whether a chartered company (BEIC) had the power to persecute heads of princely states under international law?
2. What was the relation (sovereign/suzerainty) between the State(s) and the BEIC?
3. What was the nature of the rule of BEIC before 1857?
4. What was the nature of the transfer of rule/power by the BEIC to the British Crown? Can it be compared to the transfer of power during the decolonization process/Why/Why not?

The above list of cases and questions is not exhaustive. The contributors can choose/frame topics that broadly fits in the series. You can find the guidelines for the blog post here. There is no fixed deadline for submission. If you have any questions or would like to send us your suggestions please write to Mohd Imran (

Click Here for detailed information.

Organisation: Indian Society for Legal Research
Deadline: no deadline
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