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Journal of International Peace and Organization | Issue 3–4/2021

The editors of the Journal of International Peace and Organization (“Die Friedens-Warte”) are pleased to invite abstracts and contributions in the journal’s second issue of volume 94 (3-4/2021). 

Kindly send your contribution (format: .docx, .rtf or, ideally, .doc) in German or English to by 1st August, 2021 for a first review (manuscripts approx. 45,000 to 70,000 characters; also shorter submissions are welcome). For any further information please see our website
With regard to the thematic focus issue, different rules are in force: Please send your first thematic ideas or outlines by 1st May 2021 to the acting editor for issue 3-4/2021:

Thematic focus issue 3–4/2021: “MYTHS OF ESTABLISHED SECURITY POLICY II”

This thematic focus continues the debate started with issue 3-4/2021 (“Myths of Established Security Policy”). Here, the ambiguous term “myth” refers to beliefs that have solidified into dogmas. They promote political decisions that are based on premises that need to be problematized. It is the task of science to critically question, interpret and examine the plausibility of assumptions underlying political decisions. It is evident that even highly problematic decisions can result from faulty assumptions. Widespread myths can block the path to appropriate social discourse and good policies. It is the goal of this thematic focus to address some of these certainties as myths and to deconstruct them in order to break them up and thus correct them. The thematic focus builds on the deliberations of the VDW´s Study Group “European Security and Peace” of the Federation of German Scientists (VDW). Since 2017, the Study Group has been working on the central interrelationships and challenges of European and global security. In doing so, it continues the VDW´s tradition in the field of cooperative security and peace policy. At the beginning of the VDW´s foundation, questions of nuclear disarmament and arms control were at the forefront, which is reflected in particular in the “Göttingen Declaration of 1957 on Nuclear Armament”. In the meantime, new security risks, complex conflict dynamics and crisis constellations have emerged alongside nuclear armament, from climate change to digitalization. The opportunities for a cooperative world order are dwindling. Power politics is fueling a chaotic dynamic that increases the danger of a new uncontrollable arms race, weakens established forms and institutions for dealing with conflicts and clouds the prospect of a sustainable order. With the publication of the “Myth papers” and related comments, a scientific discussion is to be initiated which hopefully lead to critical reflection, but also to new ideas for a better, scientifically informed peace and security policy. Supplementary contributions, complementing the pieces of the Study Group, are welcome. An additional thematic focus is the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons that entered into force on January 22, 2021. Articles may discuss the relevance of this treaty for international relations and international law as well as its importance in terms of peace ethics.

The editors also accept general articles, conference reports and book reviews on any aspect of peace studies lying outside this issue’s focus until the date stated for the issue 3–4/2021.

Guest editorships

The Journal of International Peace and Organization (“Die Friedens-Warte”) is open to publish entire issues under guest editorship. Please contact one of the editors or the e-mail address with a concept for your own thematic focus or conference issue.

Organisation: Journal of International Peace and Organization (“Die Friedens-Warte”)
Deadline: 01/05/2021
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