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Indic Journal of International Law, Vol. 2 Issue 1

About Indic Journal of International Law (IndicJIL)

The Indic Journal of International Law (IndicJIL) by Internationalism™ is a biannual law journal based in India covering international law in a combination of theoretical and practical approaches with its space open for global and Indic (Indian/Indo- PaciΟc/Dharmic) perspectives on global governance. It also provides coverage of the relationship between law and international politics in trade, education, research and innovation practices.

Call for Papers

The Indic Journal of International Law (IndicJIL) invites unsolicited technical articles, legal articles, case comments, book reviews and article reviews for Volume 2, Issue 1. Academicians, practitioners, researchers, students and others interested in the thematic areas of the journal may send their original and unpublished works for publication. The manuscripts reviewed and approved by the Peer Reviewers and Editors will be published.

Thematic Areas

The submissions may elaborate on legal, policy and political issues, developments, cases and State practices from the Indic (Indian/ Indo- PaciΟc/ Dharmic) perspective. Submissions analysing global issues and developments from the Indic perspective will also be accepted.


Please find more information here.

Organisation: Indic Journal of International Law
Deadline: 30/04/2021
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