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Global Corporations and International Law

In late 2022, Professor Sundhya Pahuja launched a collaborative research program on Global Corporations and International Law. This program is designed to rethink how we understand the company-state-(international) law relation. It has historical and contemporary dimensions.

The purpose of this workshop is to begin to think together about how the research questions international lawyers ask might change if we started with the company/corporation. We invite you to give a short, exploratory presentation which takes your current research, locates a company or corporation within it, and tells the story from that point.

Proposals are invited for short presentations on any aspect of international law. The task is to tell the story in a way which centres on or starts with the company or corporation, rather than with the state, for instance.

Presentations will be short, a maximum of 10 minutes. Tentative and exploratory work is welcome. PhD candidates and early career scholars are specifically invited to present. A selection of senior scholars will be present and will engage with the questions which arise. As well as Sundhya Pahuja, Alexandra Kemmerer and Anne Peters, they will include Dan Danielsen (Northeastern), Andrew Sanger (Cambridge), Professor Isabel Feichtner, Dr Andrea Leiter, Professor Marc-Philippe Weller and others.

To express interest in presenting, please upload a one page document comprising a short abstract of your imagined paper and a half page bio by 2 June. We will advise you of the outcome by 10 June. If you are not an early career researcher or PhD candidate but would like to attend, please do get in touch by emailing

This is a local workshop designed to focus on scholars in and around Germany. We will hold others elsewhere. There is no registration fee, and food will be provided, but there is no general travel support available. There is no online/hybrid element at this workshop, though there are also online events conducted by the program.

This workshop is supported by the Laureate Program, the Max Planck-Cambridge Prize, and the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public and International Law.


Organisation: Laureate Program, the Max Planck-Cambridge Prize, and the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public and International Law
Deadline: 02/06/2023
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