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Indic Journal of International Law Volume 2, Issue 1

About the Indic Journal of International Law (IndicJIL)

The Indic Journal of International Law (IndicJIL) [e-ISSN: 2582-8398] is an independent bi-annual law journal based in India covering international law in a combination of theoretical and practical approaches with its space open for global and Indic (Indian/Indo-Pacific/Dharmic) perspectives on global governance. It also provides coverage of the relationship between law and international politics in trade, education, research and innovation practices.

Call for Papers

The Indic Journal of International Law (IndicJIL) invites unsolicited technical articles, legal articles, case comments, book reviews and article reviews for Volume 2, Issue 1. Academicians, practitioners, researchers, students and others interested in the thematic areas of the journal may send their original and unpublished works for publication. The manuscripts reviewed and approved by the Peer Reviewers and Editors will be published. Volume 2, Issue 1 of the Journal is scheduled for publication in March, 2022.

Thematic Areas

The submissions may elaborate on legal and policy developments, cases and State practices from the Indic (Indian/ Indo- Pacific/ Dharmic) perspective. Submissions analysing global issues and developments from the Indic perspective will also be accepted. A non- exhaustive list of potential submissions have been enlisted below:

  • Indic Knowledge Systems and Global Governance/Corporate Innovation
  • International Law and the Indo-Pacific
  • Indian International Law
  • Asian International Law
  • Indo-European Approaches to Global Governance and Corporate Innovation
  • Global Approaches to International Law and International Affairs
  • Indo-Pacific Studies in International Affairs
  • Indian and Indic approaches to Private International Law

Submission Guidelines

  • An ‘Abstract’ must precede the body of the manuscript. It must not exceed 500 words in length and must not be less than 200 words in length. A minimum of three and a maximum of six keywords have to be provided by the author below the Abstract.
  • The type and length of submissions being invited for Volume 2, Issue 1 are as follows:
    • Technical and Legal Articles: 4,000-10,000 words (inclusive of references
    • Case Comments: 2,000-2,500 words (exclusive of references)
  • Book/Article Reviews: 2,000- 2,500 words (exclusive of references)
  • Co-authorship is allowed to a maximum of 5 authors.
  • The body of the paper shall be in Times New Roman with font size 12 and 1.5-line spacing.
  • The objective and clarity of the manuscript will decide its selection and publication.
  • The submission must be exclusive. It must not be published or submitted anywhere else, all, or in part.
  • In case of submission anywhere else, the author should withdraw her/his submission.
  • The submission must be the original work of the author/s i.e., it should not be plagiarised and should be free from grammatical, spelling and other errors. It must not contain any defamatory words. The work has to be fully referenced, and all authors should be accurately represented.
  • All submissions must follow the citation guidelines of the Indic Journal of International Law which is available here. Please be advised that the Journal discourages footnotes.
  • Strictly avoid fabrication of research data as well as manipulation of existing data. Openly declare any conflicts of interest – for example, if the research work was intended to benefit any particular service or institute in which the author’s interest lies. If the submitted work contains a significant conceptual or textual reproduction of the research work undertaken by/for such an institution, then kindly submit an acknowledgement letter from the relevant authority.
  • Expect accurate plagiarism checking measures. Submissions will be scrutinised for plagiarism of words, ideas, writings, information, illustration, graphic representations, printed and electronic materials, and any other original work.
  • The manuscripts must be submitted in Microsoft Word Format via email to Please note that submissions made in PDF will not be accepted.

Deadline for Submission

The deadline for the submission of manuscripts is on or before 20th January, 2022 11:59 PM (Indian Standard Time).

Contact Information

For any queries, please feel free to write to us at

Organisation: Indic Journal of International Law
Deadline: 20/01/2022
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