CfP: ‘The Rule of Law in Cyberspace’ (ESIL Forum 03. April 2019)

Call for Papers: The Rule of Law in Cyberspace
The Interest Group on Peace and Security is organising a workshop on the rule of law in cyberspace during the 2019 ESIL Research Forum. The workshop will take place on Wednesday 3 April 2019. Cyberspace constitutes a new aterritorial and interconnected domain where individuals, states, businesses and a host of other actors interact and produce effects in cyberspace and/or in the physical world. The legal nature of cyberspace, the possibility of regulation or the nature of such regulation are the subject of debates and contestation. A central question then is whether we can speak of a rule of law in cyberspace and, if so, in which terms and whether national and/or international visions of the rule of law are suitable in cyberspace.
The IGPS invites submissions addressing among others issues such as the place and role of law in cyberspace, jurisdiction, national/international enforcement, human rights, the nature of the rule of law in cyberspace, visions of the rule of law in cyberspace.
Abstracts (of not more than 750 words) should be submitted to Paulina Starski [] and to Nicholas Tsagourias (] by 17 November 2018 Please include the following information with your abstract: your name, affiliation, email address, whether you are an ESIL member, plus a one-page curriculum vitae.
Successful applicants will be notified by email by 17 December 2018. Approximately 4-5 submissions will be selected. The selected speakers will receive comments on their paper presentations from the conveners and from other IGPS members. For this reason, we invite members to notify us as to whether they want to act as commentators. The conveners may also invite members or experts to act as commentators. Complete paper drafts will be required by Monday 4 March 2019.
Papers may in due course be published in the ESIL SSRN Conference Paper Series or in a journal. The conveners will make the necessary enquiries.
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