CfP Exploratory Workshop “Constitutions of Value” 12. – 13. December 2019

With this workshop we intend to take a view of value not as exogenous
to law and society, not merely something to be identified, promoted and protected by law. Rather, we
begin from a view of value, value  production  and  measurement  as  endogenous.  We  propose  to
engage  in  a constitutional study of value that not only looks to the role of law,
but also to the material dimensions  of  value  production.  We  seek  to  examine  the  ways
in  which  value  is  (co-)constituted, structured   and   shaped   by   law,   politics,   science   and
technology.   We   thus   hope   to   advance understanding of the foundational role of value in political economy
as well as the law-like effects of values and value measurements so constituted.

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