Directions for authors (Deutsche Fassung, Version française)

We welcome contributions on all topics relating to international law and international legal thought. We understand the blog to be a forum especially designed for testing ideas and thinking in progress. You can send us your text, or get in touch with a preliminary inquiry at

Blog contributions should be around 1000 words, we happily accept texts with up to 1500 words. The text should be clear in style and use hyperlinks rather than footnotes for references. (There might be well-founded exceptions to that rule.) Please indicate your current institution and occupation, which will be included at the end of the text.

Please note that we strongly prefer exclusive submissions. However, if you are submitting a text to various blogs in parallel, please indicate this explicitly in your first email. If you let us know about a parallel submission in advance, cross-posting may be a possibility.

Submissions can be in English, German, or French. Please submit your text in word format. All texts are published under with the Creative Commons BY SA 4.0 license. We are happy to publish an image alongside your text. For more details see our image policy.

Texts will go through an editing process and a blind peer-review. We do our best to publish blog posts as soon as possible. We usually aim for arranging a response to every contribution in order to foster debate. For contributions on current developments, the process is expedited and texts will be published alone. Please indicate with your submission that it concerns a current development. Beside that, we welcome reports and reflections from international legal practice in our Practitioner’s Corner.

Symposia will be announced in advance with a call for contributions. Occasionally, we publish symposia linked to a conference or workshop. If you are interested to cooperate with the blog for an online symposium or to guest-edit one, please get in touch.

For any inquiries concerning the blog, don’t hesitate to get in touch at


You can find a PDF version of these directions for authors here.

A German PDF version can be found here.

A French PDF version can be found here.


Good academic practice

Völkerrechtsblog is committed to good academic practice. By submitting a contribution to Völkerrechtsblog, author(s) commit(s) to comply with applicable law and good academic practice as laid down in the DFG  “Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Research Practice”.

We do not accept any form of plagiarism understood as unjustified appropriation of others’ research achievements without justification (see in more detail here section II item 2). Instead of footnotes, links serve for referencing.

Völkerrechtsblog does not publish purely descriptive conference reports, but accepts posts that make their own original contribution to debates conducted at academic events. Where a post is based on or inspired by conferences or oral presentations, authors must make this transparent in the post and take special care to properly attribute unpublished original ideas to their true authors.

By submitting a manuscript to Völkerrechtsblog, the author(s) consent(s) to a check of his or her manuscript with a plagiarism detection software. Should any suspicion of plagiarism arise, the editorial board will undertake an investigation in line with the COPE guidelines in cases of suspected plagiarism. We reserve the right to report detected severe cases of plagiarism to the author’s academic institution.