Gunneflo Book SymposiumSymposium

Gunneflo Book Symposium: Part 1

Itamar Mann: Israel and the Forever War

1. On 4 January 2017, a military court in Jaffa convicted Israeli soldier Elor Azaria of manslaughter. The case has set Israeli public debate ablaze for almost a year now, and was widely reported abroad. As a video released by the human rights group Betselem revealed, Abd Al Fatah A-Sharif was wounded and lying, face down, when Azaria approached and shot a bullet through his head. A-Sharif had stabbed an …



A Response to “Is the Islamic State a State?”

Ralph asks “Is the Islamic State a State?” and his answer has three strings: First, he presents what he calls the advocatus diaboli opinion that all statehood requirements (territory, population, government) are fulfilled. Second, he explains the meaning of recognition as a requirement for the formation of a state. And third, he sets forth the legitimacy argument by concluding that because of the lack of the rule of law, the …



Is the Islamic State a State?

The so-called Islamic State has triggered a wave of commentary ever since it emerged as one of the leading military groups in Syria and further captured vast parts of Iraqi territory in mid-2014. What seems to have received only little attention this far is its legal characterization.



Awakening dormant law

– or the invocation of the European mutual assistance clause after the Paris attacks

The terrorist attacks of 13 November have violently confronted France as much as its European neighbours with exceptional security challenges. By killing more than 120 people in less than 30 minutes in the heart of Paris, the jihadist group ISIS (or Daesh, the Arabic acronym for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) has demonstrated its operational capacity to hit European States in an extraordinary ferocious way. This alarming …


Current Developments

Resolution 2178 und ihre Auswirkungen auf die Bundesrepublik

Am 25. September 2014 hat der Sicherheitsrat der vereinten Nationen die Resolution 2178 verabschiedet. Die Resolution enthält ein Maßnahmenpaket gegen die Gefahren, die von international zugereisten Milizionären in bewaffneten Konflikten ausgehen. Anlass der Resolution ist die Situation in Syrien und Irak, aber eine grundsätzlich ähnliche Problemlage ließe sich auch mit Blick auf die Krim und die Ostukraine diagnostizieren. Die Rolle ausländischer Kämpfer in Syrien und Irak ist beachtlich. Nach Schätzungen …