Call Organisation and Location Closing Date
CfP: “Contemporary Challenges to International Law and Policy on Sustainable Development, Energy, Climate Change, Environmental Protection, Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer” Conference for Young Lawyers (COFOLA) International, Masaryk University in Telč (19-21 April 2018) 30. März 2018
CfP: “Complicity and Exclusion from Asylum” Lauterpacht Centre for International Law 30. März 2018
CfP: “Coloquios de Derecho Internacional”, Annual Conference, Pucón, Chile Universidad de La Frontera Law & Business School, Chile (1 May and 1 June 2018) 2 April 2018
CfP: “Groningen Journal of International Law – Volume 6 (2018) – Issue I” Groningen Journal of International Law 06. April 2018
CfA: “Current Challenges for EU Cross-Border Litigation in a Changing Procedural Environment” MPIL Luxembourg (26.-28. September 2018) 15. April 2018
CfP: “International Bio Law and Universality: The Role of International Organizations and International Courts in this Field” ESIL IG on International Bio Law, University of Manchester (13 September 2018) 30. April 2018
CfP: “Dealing With the Past to Create a Peaceful Future: Young Scholars’ Perspectives on Transitional Justice” University of Cologne, Transitional Justice Research Group (TJRG) (14.-15. September 2018) 02. Mai 2018
CfP: “Unpacking Economic and Social Rights: International and Comparative Dimensions” University of Göttingen, Conference of the Institute of International and European Law (09.-10. November 2018) 01. Juni 2018
CfP: “Politics and the Histories of International Law” Journal of the History of International Law, Conference on Politics and the Histories of International Law, (15.-16. Februar 2019) 01. Juni 2018
CfP: “German Yearbook of International Law – Volume 61 (2018)” German Yearbook of International Law 01. September 2018
CfP: “Anniversary volume of the Baltic Yearbook of International Law” Baltic Yearbook of International Law 01. Oktober 2018
CfP: “Humanitarian Technology” Journal of International Humanitarian Action ongoing