CfP: “Dealing With the Past to Create a Peaceful Future: Young Scholars’ Perspectives on Transitional Justice”

The Transitional Justice Research Group (TJRG) of the University of Cologne calls for submissions for the conference Dealing With the Past to Create a Peaceful Future: Young Scholars’ Perspectives on Transitional Justice. 
Transitional Justice has become an increasingly important topic among academics and practitioners who seek to address massive human rights abuses and secure sustainable peace. Yet, much still needs to be debated: from the limits, effectivity and legitimacy of single transitional justice measures and mechanisms to the limits, effectivity and legitimacy of the  eld as such. The conference seeks not only to further this debate, but also to bring together young scholars of multiple disciplines to enable an ongoing conversation and cooperation among the young generation of transitional justice researchers. 
We invite submissions for papers on – but not restricted to – the fol- lowing categories: 
  • Transitional justice between Global Norms and Local Realities
  • Transitional justice in transitional and non-transitional contexts
  • Transitional justice as a western oriented concept
  • Legitimacy of transitional justice
  • The goals of transitional justice
  • Transitional justice and its aftermath
  • Transitional justice as an evolving concept
  • The impact of transitional justice on peace and democracy
  • The interplay of different transitional justice measures
  • Problems and opportunities due to the interdisciplinarity of transitional justice
  • Questions relating to particular transitional justice measures
  • The relation between transitional justice, human rights, international criminal law and international humanitarian law
  • Case studies
The conference is directed at scholars who focus on transitional justice and have at least completed the  rst year of their master studies. It will be held in Cologne on the 14th and 15th of September 2018. 
Scholars who do not wish to submit a proposal, but still want to attend the conference can already register per mail at: 
Submissions will be accepted in English or German. They must include: 
• The title of the presentation
• A short abstract of not more than 350 words
• Author name and short biographical details
• Contact details 
Please submit your paper by the 2nd of May to: 
The TJRG will review all submissions and contact the selected authors until the 1st of June 2018. Each selected author will get approximately 20 minutes to present his*her topic at the conference. The format of the presentation (panel, presentation etc.) depends on the  nal program and will be discussed with each author individually. 
The conference will be held in the main building of the University of Cologne at Albertus-Magnus-Platz, 50923 Cologne. Unfortunately, no reimbursement of travel or accommodation costs can be provided. 
The Transitional Justice Research Group was founded in 2017 by PhD Candidates of the University of Cologne. Its members come from the areas of law, history and Latin American studies. The research group serves as an interdisciplinary forum to discuss and advance research on all matters related to transitional justice. 
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