CfP: “Migrants and Refugees in the Law: Historic evolution, current situation and unsolved questions”

IV International Conference Chair Innocent III:
>Migrants and Refugees in the Law: Historic evolution, current situation and unsolved questions
>Murcia (Spain), December 12 – 13 – 14 , 2018
International Chair Innocent III calls on all interested researchers to submit papers related to the human mobility and the reception of refugees according to History of L aw, Canon Law, Roman Law, Comparative Law, Philosophy, Theology, History, Sociology, Historiography and any other discipline related to the main theme , as stated in the following:
December 12 : session 1. THE MIGRATION IN THE ANCIENT AND MEDIEVAL HISTORY. Historical approach to human mobility.
December 13: session 2. NATION, STATE, REVOLUTION . The situation of the migrants and the refugees from the origin of the modern State .
December 14 : session 3. BETWEEN EMERGENCY AND ORDINARINESS : Proposals for the enhancement of a constant phenomenon in the contemporary age .
Title, academic affiliation, short CV and Abstract – 200 words – (EN, IT , ES , DE, FR ), via mail: catedrainocencio[at]
September 15, 2018 . The Scientific Committee will respond to the proposal before September 30, 2018
Papers selected by the Scientific Committee will be published in the special issue of the journal Vergentis (ISSN: 2445 – 2394) in the first half of 2019 .
More information and the spanish and italien version of the call can be found here
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