Call for Speakers 1st International Summer School on Human Rights Protection under the ECHR

The Summer School is scheduled to take place within the non – lecture period between the summer semester 2019 and the winter semester 2019 / 20 (presumably September 1 st – 7 th , 2019 ) at the premises of the University of Leipzig in Leipzig, Germany .

Envisaged participant group

Primarily domestic and foreign students as well as young researchers (PhD – candidates, postdocs) from the disciplines of legal studies, international relations, political science and (legal) practitioners focusing on human rights protection .

Structure of the Summer school

The full – time Summer School will take one week ( 7 days ) . Every day will be divided into four to five sessions each chaired by a discussant briefly introducing the topic of the session and initiating the discussion . Each session shall consist of one oral presentations not exceeding 60 minutes . An additional time of 30 minutes is planned for a discussion panel afterwards, which means that each speaker has a “time budget” of approx . 90 min . The presentations will be held in English .

Financial support

The speakers receive a professional fee in the amount of EUR 250 , as well as a lump – sum expense allowance (speakers from Germany : EUR 250 ; speakers from other European countries : EUR 500 ) .


All interested academics and practitioners are invited for application .

This Summer School’s aim is to impart a profound knowledge on the protection of human rights under the application of the European Convention on Human Rights . Current developments and recent judicial decisions will be analysed and discussed with the participants . Particular focus will be put on procedural and practice – oriented questions .

Areas of interest

Basic knowledge of European human rights protection

• Exterritorial applicability, positive obligations of state parties

• European protection of human rights from the perspective of legal theory and legal sociology

• Preservation of national and cultural identity in the light of human rights obligations

• The Margin of Appreciation (function and justiciability)

• Deviation in the state of emergency, reason and limits of an exemption for terrorism?

• The planned reforms of the European Convention on Human Rights in consideration of the Copenhagen Declaration on the ECHR reform

• Binding force and enforcement of ECtHR judgments referring to Article 46 ECHR

• The right to individual petition and compensation

• Democratic legitimacy versus “rule of law” – requirements for the living together, significance of liberalism in the context of populism

• Responsibility for human rights violations, cooperation and cognizance

Asylum law

• Rejections (“push – backs”) at the EU external borders in the light of the ECHR

• Article 3 ECHR and the limits of extradition

• Removing residency status as a potential violation of Article 3 ECHR

Data protection and media

• (Data – related) protective duties of the Member States under Article 8 ECHR

• Article 10 ECHR and the protection of dissidents and whistleblowers

• Influencing elections and the freedom of speech

Criminal law and procedural aspects

• Is there a claim for “adequate” national prosecution and law enforcement arising from Article 2(1) and Article 1 ECHR?

• The application of Article 37 ECHR by the ECtHR (cancellation of complaints)

• Article 41 ECHR and the calculation of fair compensation

• Article 41 of the Rules of Procedure of the ECtHR and the Court‘s “policy of priorities”

• Articles 61 and 41 of the Rules of Procedure of the ECtHR and the pilot judgment proceedings

• Articles 44A ff. of the Rules of Procedure of the ECtHR – the dictum of cooperation, the taking and consideration of evidence in legal proceedings before the ECtHR

Practical aspects

• Strategic conduct of a case before the ECtHR

• Applications under Articles 79 and 80 of the Rules of Procedure of the ECtHR

• Article 47 of the Rules of Procedure of the ECtHR – Taking a Case to the ECtHR, form and content of the written submissions and oral pleadings

• Section 38a RVG – the law of attorney fees in legal proceedings before the ECtHR


Speakers addressing one of the above – mentioned topics shall apply by e – mail to David . Koppe@Uni – Leipzig . de by July 31 st 2018 including the following information :

• Speakers name and affiliation

• Short description ( 400 – 600 – word abstract) of the presentation (multiple presentations are possible)

• The speaker’s CV, including a list of relevant publications

• The speaker’s contact details, including e – mail

address and phone number

1 st International Summer School on

Human Rights Protection under the ECHR

September 1 st – 7 th 2019

Faculty of Law, Chair for European Law, Public International Law and Public Law

Prof . Dr. Stephanie Schiedermair

Prof. Dr. Stephanie Schiedermair

Chair for European Law, Public International Law

and Public Law

Burgstr. 21, D – 04109 Leipzig

+49 (0) 341 97 35 210

eurlaw@rz.uni –


Call for Speakers

Venue and dates


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